Vlok’s Community Health for Southern Africa

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This revised edition of Vlok’s Community Health for Southern Africa is a core text for the community health professional. Comprehensive in nature, it meets the requirements of the updated nursing qualifications and is written by a team of specialists from a broad range of disciplines, with an emphasis on the practical application of theoretical concepts.

Topics covered include public health, environmental health, community-oriented primary care and the role of the community nurse, as well as the care of the individual throughout their lifespan. The practical aspects of the text extend to chapters on managing community clinics and caring for the disabled at home, and are rich in informative examples and suggestions. The text travels easily from the classroom to the practitioner’s office, making it the community manual of choice.

New to this edition:

• Content has been aligned to new legislative requirements

• Appropriate responses to COVID-19 are integrated throughout chapters

• References to ward-based outreach teams (WBOTs) are included

• Obstetric care in the community has been expanded

• The WHO’s mhGAP Intervention Guide in clinical mental health decision-making has been included

• Application of the interprofessional care framework (ICF) has been incorporated

• Alignment of non-communicable disease (NCD) chapter to the latest governmental policies

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