Towards Flourishing – Embracing Well-Being in Diverse Contexts 2nd Edition


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Van Schaik


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Positive psychology is a vibrantly developing scientific field. It provides a fresh look at human behaviour and the promotion of well-being, covering a magnitude of topics related to feeling good, functioning well, being true to our own values, and growing from both positive and negative life experiences. Towards flourishing: embracing well-being in diverse contexts reflects on what harmony, peace and balance on an individual, group and societal level may mean and how these can promote well-being. Towards flourishing: embracing well-being in diverse contexts is an update and extension of the first edition Towards flourishing: contextualising positive psychology. It highlights the developments and changes in the field of positive psychology during the past decade, with particular reference to the newly emerging Third Wave (P3.0). It also includes findings from the newly developing field of multidisciplinary well-being studies as well as other quality-of-life studies enhancing well-being in diverse contexts.