Topics in Morphology in the African Language Context


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Topics in Morphology in the African language context presents a detailed description of a sub-discipline of linguistics, which has fascinated researchers in African languages ever since the analyses of these languages were first carried out. This is not at all surprising when one considers that these languages are agglutinating in nature, a characteristic which allows for countless observations to be made about the status and interrelationship of morphemes in words. The title presents an interesting survey of the most salient issues in morphology, with specific reference to the African language context, and from a research point of view, fills a need that has long been overdue. Although complex issues are sometimes associated with morphological phenomena, the author has adopted a user-friendly style which would be most appealing to students, and at the same time the approach used in the analysis would also provide valuable information to subject specialists. This is a title, and the author has satisfactory demonstrated her insightful knowledge and expertise in the handling of morphological data.