The Township Economic Mistakes

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Why is it possible that many foreign brands that enter our township economy outsell many of our
prominent locally produced brands? Could it be quality? If so, why are we witnessing the triumph of
shopping complexes, such as Small Street and China Malls, where there is high consumption of lowquality foreign-produced brands?
It can be a difficult question to simply give your opinion right away but worry not. In this book, the
authors show the economic trends that often open doors to foreign producers and leave out township
producers in the township economy. For example, the Soweto community brings the money circulating
on the Mall’s premises; however, the money does not remain in the Soweto region for the benefit of the
Soweto community.
Their research findings show the number of foreign brands that used to be unpopular or unknown that
have gained their introductory phase from the informal market (Township Spazashops) and have
continuously evolved to brands that we now see and consume in the formal retail setting. Based on
these findings, the authors believe there is a need for a TownshipStartup Movement which will see our
producers thrive and will create employment opportunities.
Enjoy this reading and pay attention to the detailed secrets that often leave this economy impoverished.
If we cannot sell to ourselves, then whoever gets the opportunity to sell to us will never represent us,
but they will represent themselves.

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