The Theory and Practice of Change Management

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Technological advances, an increasingly globalized workforce and seismic global events mean that change is a constant feature of business life today. The consequences of not managing change effectively can be devastating for businesses. How can managers deal with change brought about by unpredictable events? How can they embrace change and communicate its benefits to stakeholders? How can organizations ensure the ongoing success of change? John Hayes’s bestselling textbook equips you with the practical tools and academic knowledge to tackle these questions and many more.

Offering unrivalled breadth, it will guide you clearly through all stages of the change process, from recognizing the need for change to ensuring its successful implementation. Its unique underpinning framework, based on a process model of change, will help you to view change as purposeful and ordered, rather than something chaotic and unmanageable. This sixth edition covers all of the key theories, tools and techniques of organizational change, and offers everything you need to know about organizational change today: – Brand new international case studies and examples allow you to understand change in context- Coverage of ‘big-bang’ disruptions, offers you a framework for dealing with unforeseen global events like pandemics, economic instability and climate change- Updated research reports show you the latest theory in the field- New learning objectives, reflective questions and experiential exercises help you to consolidate your learning and revise effectively- Increased coverage of SMEs, public sector and family businesses shows you change in diverse sectors

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