The Marketing Pathfinder – Key Concepts and Cases for Marketing Strategy and Decision Making

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Dozens of lively international case studies that help readers put core marketing principles in a real-world context

From market research to positioning and brand management to customer relations, marketing is the engine that drives innovation and growth in the modern business organization. This latest addition to the acclaimed Pathfinder series, like its popular predecessor, “The Strategy Pathfinder,” features a unique blend of core concepts and brief, international case studies. A refreshing contrast to traditional marketing texts and references, which tend to be prescriptive and directive, “The Marketing Pathfinder” offers professionals and marketing students alike an effective way to contextualize the marketing decisions they’ll make in the real world of business.Not another one-size-fits-all marketing toolkit, “The Marketing Pathfinder” functions as a dynamic, interactive resourceEach chapter presents a set of core concepts, frameworks, and tools, followed by five or more short, lively international case studies illustrating how the concepts and tools can be applied in the real worldThe case studies are specifically designed to encourage readers to pursue additional independent research and to encourage them to articulate and defend their decisionsThroughout, the emphasis is on the reader as a marketing professional in the thick of it and responsible for the decisions they make

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