The Leader’s Guide to Negotiating


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A highly practical book that will take the reader from best practice in the field of negotiation through to advanced bargaining skills and beyond. It‘s thoroughly researched, drawing upon cutting-edge material from many disciplines, and presented in a very accessible style. Written in a direct, “How to…” format with bullet-pointed action points, it outlines techniques and tactics – right down to the level of ‘If they say x, you say y‘. Not only does it succinctly represent where current best practice stands, it goes further, outlining advanced techniques, beyond the normal negotiation literature. It draws upon the fields of psychology, body language, neuroeconomics, game theory, systems theory and decision theory to bring new insights into gaining the negotiation edge.
-Discover how to negotiate based on a strong win-win outcome
– Follow a clear negotiating structure and process
– Includes best practice and advanced negotiating techniques
– Applicable for negotiating with customers, suppliers and stakeholders as well as micro-negotiating with colleagues