Teaching life skills in the foundation phase 2nd Edition


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Van Schaik


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Life skills is a critically important subject to teach at the Foundation Phase level as it is at this unique time in young learners’ development that an important grounding for later life can be established. Never will teachers have a better opportunity to shape learners’ knowledge, skills and values and to prepare them for the challenges of being a citizen of the 21st century. Focusing attention towards the Africanising of the Foundation Phase Life Skills curriculum, this book addresses the ways in which teachers can structure their inclusive classroom practices to match the fundamental elements of social responsibility and human development in order to support learners’ holistic development, both as citizens of South Africa and participants in a global community.

Teaching Life Skills in the Foundation Phase is based on sound pedagogical principles, providing many practical ideas to Foundation Phase teachers and student teachers (grades R–3). For easy reference between classroom practice and formal studies, this book is structured according to the CAPS Foundation Phase curriculum and focuses on the following knowledge areas:

  • Beginning knowledge (the teaching of natural sciences, technology and social sciences)
  • Creative arts education (the teaching of visual and performing arts)
  • Physical education (movement)
  • Personal and social wellbeing (addressing social issues such as sexuality education, health education, violence and abuse)

Teaching Life Skills in the Foundation Phase is aimed at teachers, school managers and parents.