Teaching Grade R

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The Reception Year, before a child starts formal schooling in Grade 1, is critical in a child’s development. It is in the Grade R year that the teacher has a unique opportunity to enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will shape the child’s later academic success. A high-quality Grade R programme is therefore very important.

Teaching Grade R promotes a participatory and child-centred approach to learning, based on the pedagogy of play that positions children as active learners and encourages teachers to become critically reflective practitioners. This pedagogy of play is explained in detail in the book, and suggestions and pointers are given as to how it can be used in the classroom to enhance learning.

Key Features 

• covers key subjects in Grade R in line with the national curriculum
• shows how these subjects can be approached in a contextually appropriate and culturally responsive way
• sets out the pathways to holistic development of the Grade R child
• uses examples and case studies to explain theoretical concepts
• provides a wealth of suggestions for classroom practice
• promotes a participatory approach to teaching and learning.

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9-11 Days