Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics 2nd Edition

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A teacher’s role is fundamental in the acquisition of the much-needed mathematical skills and knowledge that form part of children’s early development and beyond. From the year before learners enter formal schooling (Grade R) to the end of the Foundation Phase (Grade 3), teachers contribute to the most important learning cycle and lay the groundwork for learners for the rest of their schooling years.

Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics provides crucial insights into basic principles that are applied both globally and locally with an in-depth discussion of the concepts and theories that underlie the teaching of mathematics to learners at a young age. The terms Africanisation, decolonisation of the curriculum and ethno mathematics are also discussed. Carefully considering the CAPS documents issued by the Department of Basic Education in 2012, themes revolve around the physical, social and conceptual knowledge that learners need to acquire and build on in mathematics in order to fully comprehend and develop their skills for the future.


Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics is the essential guide for beginner teachers and students to prepare their classrooms, plan lessons to support the acquisition of mathematical skills and knowledge, and teach mathematics with confidence in a multicultural classroom. The book will also help parents understand what their children are required to learn in the mathematics classroom.

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