Teaching English as a First Additional Language Foundation

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Teaching English as a First Additional Language in the Foundation Phase: Practical Guidelines provides the essential foundations for teaching English as a First Additional Language. In Grade 4, the majority of learners make the transition from their home language to English as the language of learning and teaching (LoLT). To assist learners in this transition, it is important that teachers introduce English into the classroom from as early as Grade R. The earlier learners are exposed to English, the more proficient they will become. This book focuses on laying the strong foundation that is needed to assist learners in using English as the LoLT from Grade 4 onwards.

Key Features

• strategies for introducing English into the classroom

• techniques for teaching English alongside learners’ home language

• useful tips and helpful hints

• teaching resources for classroom use and

• ideas for planning lessons

The teaching of all the essential language skills are covered. The book combines both theoretical perspectives and practical guidelines and contains many illustrations for teachers to use in their own lessons.

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