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The last two decades have seen a marked increase in efforts to ensure accessibility at all levels of education, especially for people who traditionally may have been excluded, such as those with disabilities and special needs, immigrants/refugees, and those coming from different cultural, racial, religious, socioeconomic, gender and sexual backgrounds. Inclusion in education means that the educational needs of all learners are met and requires all stakeholders to work collaboratively. Strengthening inclusive education from ECD to post-school education addresses the inequalities still prevalent in many countries and discusses how to overcome them.

Strengthening inclusive education from ECD to post-school education takes the view that diversity is not a problem but rather an opportunity to learn. It analyses, assesses and critiques many of the current issues surrounding inclusive education, and provides suggestions for better practice in order to mitigate them.

Contents include the following:

  • The role of government
  • Effective strategies to combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices
  • Widening participation and encouraging lifelong learning
  • Fostering respect for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities
  • Raising family awareness of the importance of including children with disabilities in mainstream schools
  • Capabilities and contributions of people with disabilities
  • Empowering students through the use of technology
  • Teacher training
  • The inclusion of indigenous knowledge
  • Facilitating peer support and mentoring among learners

Strengthening inclusive education from ECD to post-school education is aimed at education students as well as researchers, policy makers, practitioners and families.

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7-8 Days