Strategy in Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide to Strategic Thinking, 3rd Edition


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A practitioner-focused approach to strategy and real-world strategic thinking

This 3rd edition has been revised and updated throughout to reflect the current thinking in strategy in view of the current economic and business climate. It questions how we are thinking differently about strategy now, in light of emerging from the global economic crisis. It includes new and updated case illustrations throughout, plus a new chapter on Strategy Execution and Performance Appraisal. Rigorously founded on current thinking and theoretical concepts in the field of strategic management, Strategy in Practice:

Provides the strategy practitioner with a systematic and insight-driven approach to strategic thinking

Establishes and translates the relevance of strategy theory to its application in the practice field

Leads you through the strategic thinking process, beginning with the formulation of compelling and clearly articulated strategic questions that set the scene for practical issues

Provides tools of strategic analysis in combination with informed intuition to understand the strategic landscape

Has additional online resources available for instructors