South African Politics: An Introduction 2nd Edition

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Is South Africa’s democracy consolidating or is it part of the third wave of democratic reversals? Do you understand the structure and functions of the various spheres of the South African government and the importance of the 1996 Constitution? What role did women play in the South African journey to democracy? What are the socio-economic contexts of political life in South Africa? Why were civil society, the independent media and the Public Protector so important for South African society during the nine years of state capture? How has the political landscape changed in South Africa following the 2019 national elections?

South African Politics: An Introduction 2e provides an overview of political and socio-economic developments in South Africa, spanning from apartheid and the liberation history, the negotiated transition to the process of democratisation, to the recent state capture and the 2019 national elections. Written by respected country-expert academics using accessible language, the book focuses on political institutions, socio-economic contexts, and political culture, all within the framework of democratic development.

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