Principles of SA Insurance Law 1st Edition


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January 2023

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South African Insurance Law, in a manner of speaking, is a clone, albeit a more compact one, of the recently published second edition of Lawsa Volume 12 (Parts 1 and 2) which is all of 931 pages long. South African Insurance Law is a reduced but not necessarily an abridged version of Lawsa. Some specialist chapters in Lawsa, for example the chapter on marine insurance and the section on insurance tax law, have been omitted in order to accommodate the current work in a single volume. The section on the supervision of insurance business has been omitted since this area of the law is currently in a state of statutory flux. The Lawsa section on dispute resolution has been conflated in this work in chapter 17 dealing with the institution of the insured’s claim. South African Insurance Law must thus be seen as a companion piece to Lawsa with numerous cross-references to the Lawsa edition, especially where the latter deals with a particular topic in greater detail.