Sociology: A Comprehensive Introduction 2nd Edition

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Is South Africa more equitable now than in 1994?

How can domestic violence be explained?

How are we as individuals shaped by larger structures, forces and institutions?

Why is the environment important for society?

Sociology: A Comprehensive South African Introduction provides a comprehensive introduction to the sociological theories and themes commonly taught in undergraduate courses.

The book is divided into five broad sections: the foundations of sociology; the individual in society; the institutions in society; the challenges for society; and sociology in context.

Each chapter addresses key issues, topics and debates in sociology today, and uses contemporary and current South African case studies to make the material relevant and meaningful to students. Chapter introductions serve as a narrative linking and providing cross-references to material covered in other chapters, where appropriate.

Key Features/ benefits

  • Written with the student in mind, the language used is accessible and easy to understand and the carefully developed pedagogical features in each chapter serve to support students’ learning.
  • Additional references at the end of each chapter in the textbook include journal articles, books and websites.
  • The glossary is also available online and accessible to all students using the book.
  • Support material for prescribing lecturers includes multiple choice questions, sample short paragraph questions and essays with memoranda

Support material

  • Lecturer PowerPoint slides

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