Sociological Foundations of Education in Africa: perspectives, contexts and cont

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Sociological foundations of education in Africa: Perspectives, contexts and contemporary issues is a comprehensive and relevant text that looks at the sociology of education from a local South African and a regional African perspective. It is appropriate for undergraduate modules in sociology of education in the Bachelor of Education, and for PGCE and B.Ed (Honours) courses.

The book contributes to the Africanisation of the education curriculum by contextualising international theorists such as Durkheim, Weber, Marx, Mills, and Comte while infusing Afrocentric scholars such as Asante, Rodney, Chukwuokolo, Nyerere, Carnoy, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, and Chiwane, throughout the text. As such, Eurocentric and Afrocentric sociological perspectives are placed in dialogue, complementing and contesting each other in the study of education in Africa.

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