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In a democratic society, teachers face challenges with regard to teaching culturally diverse and responsive learners in varied socioeconomic contexts. Many teachers in South African schools feel they have not been adequately trained to work in multicultural school environments, and therefore lack the skill and expertise required for dealing with social justice and sensitive, moral or hegemonic social issues in the curriculum. Societal issues in the curriculum explores problems and trends in the South African context that have the potential to influence the implementation, planning and design of the curriculum at micro level, and examines how they emerge from everyday experiences.

Societal issues in the curriculum offers a detailed view of a few carefully selected community concerns. It aims to  equip students with skills that will help them navigate the complex South African reality and  consider how this reality impacts the curriculum. Based on critical thinking, problem solving, self-directed learning and reflective practice, the text aims to make students question their own assumptions, bring in other perspectives and show the implications for the curriculum. A wide range of activities are included.

Contents include the following:

  • Worldviews and holistic education
  • Self-regulated learning skills to function in the 21st-century
  • Multicultural education
  • Violence in schools
  • Parental involvement to enhance academic performance
  • School decline
  • Interreligious dialogue to attain religious diversity within the classroom
  • Gender issues


Societal issues in the curriculum is aimed at student teachers and teachers in practice.

Prof. Bernadette Geduld is a professor in curriculum studies at North West University. Her areas of expertise are open distance learning, self-regulated learning, self-directed learning and learning theories.


Dr Divan Jagals is a senior lecturer in curriculum studies at North West University. His research interests include metacognition, self-directed learning and philosophy.

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