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Current career counselling narratives still relies predominantly on the results of psychometric tests. Furthermore, the use of psychometric tests in diverse contexts is problematic because

  • the results of the psychometric tests are often exaggerated and the career counsellor is regarded as the only expert whose recommendations are followed without questioning
  • the degree of objectivity that psychometric tests lend to career counselling does not give the client suficient opportunity to explore and develop the self.

We clearly need a shift away from the practice of modern counselling approaches, and narrative therapy is likely to be particularly appropriate, since it is part of the culture and way of life of the majority of our clients. For the first time ever, current approaches have been brought together in one publication. Eminent scholars, including Larry Cochran (Canada), Mark Savickas (US), Norm Amundson (Canada), Charles Chen (Canada), Wendy Patton (Australia), Mary MacMahon (Australia), Mark Watson (South Africa), Paul Hartung (US), Mark Winslade (US) contributed to the publication. Personal narratives of some exceptionally eminent people, including Belle Wallace (UK), Robert Sternberg (US), Erika Landau (Israel), Eunice Alencar (Brazil), Dorothy Sisk (US), Joe Renzulli (US), Alexinia Baldwin (US) and June Maker (US) are also included. The publication is concluded by R. Bar-On and M. Elias (US), who delineate the connection between storied counselling and social and emotional learning.

This book

  • presents an overview of international perspectives on the issues of narrative career counselling
  • critically analyses germane questions, such as “How vital and feasible is it to build on life stories in career counselling”?
  • facilitates an understanding and application of theories, goals, methods and assessments in narrative counselling
  • focuses on narrative counselling as an emerging theory for facilitating success in life
  • provides practical guidelines on the practice of narrative counselling in different contexts
  • examines the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of hermeneutic-narrative, postmodern and constructivist approaches to career counselling
  • presents ideas on how to engage clients actively
  • suggests ways of using life-story counselling to produce new identities for career practice.

This book is a priceless resource for scholars, academics, researchers, psychologists, teachers and, indeed, clients.

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7-8 Days