Sexual Abuse: Dynamics, Assessment and Healing


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Van Schaik


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Sexual abuse is a highly complex phenomenon that encompasses the dynamics of sexual abuse, the wide-ranging effects it has on victims and their families, the legal rights of all the parties involved, and the role played by professional practitioners working in this field. In addition, the emotionally charged nature of this phenomenon contributes in no small measure to its complexity.

Sexual abuse: dynamics, assessment and healing was written for mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, educational therapists), medical health professionals (nursing and other medical staff), social workers, legal professionals, and those involved in the teaching profession (educators, researchers, curriculum implementers and facilitators). This book aims to assist these professional practitioners by

  • exploring the dynamics of the different forms of sexual abuse
  • examining the legal aspects regarding sexual offences, the forensic process, the role of the defence attorney, expert witnessing and the rights of children during the forensic process
  • providing practical guidelines for assessment and therapeutic intervention by focusing on the victim, the victim’s family, the perpetrator, play-therapy techniques, and substitute care for the sexually abused child.