Seasons Come to Pass: A Poetry Anthology for Southern African Students 3rd Edition

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Drawing on fifteen centuries of poetry from all over the world, the third edition of Seasons come to pass: A poetry anthology for Southern African students continues to make poetry relevant and accessible to students in southern Africa. The anthology includes unusual, erotic, witty, and political poems, presented in chronological order. A wide range of poets is included, from classics and old favourites to fresh new voices.

This anthology offers support and guidance by providing a clear overview of the important movements in the history of the English language and its literature, as well as detailed notes on critical analysis and techniques for writing essays and exams. The aim is to encourage students to develop the confidence to express their ideas in writing. Practical examples are given of how to come to grips with poetry, and develop critical and analytical skills. Poems are brought alive through supporting notes that tackle contemporary and controversial concerns.

An expanded glossary of literary terms to help students with unfamiliar concepts

New poems by African and South African poets

More poems by women ‘Spoken word’ poems

Detailed supporting material, along with notes that explain historical and contextual background

Questions for group discussion or self-study, along with guidelines for comparing poems, showing how themes can link across centuries and continents.

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