Schools as Organisations 4th Edition


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The main aim of any EDUCATION system is to provide effective teaching and learning for its community through specific aims/objectives, an EDUCATION policy, and various processes and programmes, all of which are in constant interaction with the environment. The school, as one of the structures within this system, is responsible for bringing all of these things to the area it serves.

As is the case in any organisation, the presence of people within a school gives it a unique character of communality and creates certain relationships, which means that mutual arrangements have to be made in terms of task distribution and the exercising of authority. It is therefore imperative for any EDUCATIONAL manager to have a basic knowledge of the school as an organisation in order to manage it effectively. Schools as organisations focuses on different perspectives of organisational theory in education.

Schools as organisations is essential for post graduate students in the fields of educational management, leadership and organisational theory in education. In addition, leaders and managers at all levels in the education system will find the BOOK an invaluable resource.