School leadership in a changing context – a case for school-based management


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Bringing educational leadership and management together in the context of change is an enormous task for those educational managers, specifically school principals, who work and lead in our schools. Dealing with strategic, learner and financial management, school governance and instructional leadership, as well as managing and bringing about change and improvement in the school, can be challenging. School leadership in a changing context is about finding coherence between leadership dimensions, perspectives, approaches, practices and vision in a school-based management setting.

This book deals with the school leader’s discovering his or her unique identity in the changing policy environment, learning how leadership can relate meaningfully to the complexity of context and understanding how educational leadership can lead to educational outcomes.

School leadership in a changing context is aimed at senior undergraduate BEd students, BEd Hons students, MEd in Education Management students, as well as ACE in leadership students.