Safety, Health and Environmental Auditing : A Practical Guide, Second Edition


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Author :


Jonathan Ball



Product Description

This new edition builds on the success of the first edition. It has been enhanced to embrace new topics including Due Dilgence, EHS Auditing, Process Safety, Auditing, and a chapter summarizing auditing with the relevant ISO standards. The rest of the book has been updated to fit with the guidance and requirements set out with the changes in the ISO standards.

The goal of this book remains the same, to provide a “down to earth” guidance for managers and specialists in organizations who are committed to improving their safety, health and environmental performance, but are not sure where to start or do not wish to employ consultants to do this for them. They do it themselves using this book. Electronic software and additional materials available upon request.

Features Integrates the concepts of safety health and environmental auditing into a common approach of “loss prevention”Provides an audit protocol for 60 aspects of safety, health, and environmental management Presents a summary of the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to auditingIntroduces the novel and unique concept of Auditing ConvergenceOffers a simple auditing software (The Plaudit II audit process) in an electronic program which no other book on this topic can offer