Rethinking our World 4th Edition


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Does life have any meaning for you? Is it possible to create meaning? What do you think life is about? Do you think life is worth living? These questions, taken from the text of Rethinking Our World, challenge the reader to look critically and creatively at many of society’s traditional beliefs. They encourage readers to look at their world differently by asking questions about change, identity and direction. The following major philosophies are covered on an introductory and interactive level: Logical empiricism and empiricism; Critical rationalism; Critical theory; Existentialism; Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; Systems theory; Postmodernism; Feminism; African philosophy; Ken Wilber’s Holon theory. The authors outline the major figures and basic principles of each philosophy, then analyse the type of thinking each approach encourages. They go on to challenge readers to examine ways in which the different approaches can be used to understand the world.