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What is play and why is it important? Worldwide, the role and significance of play-based learning as opposed to an aca­demic curriculum is under scrutiny. Rethinking learning through play focuses on the role of play in young children in the early years and how it encour­ages optimal learning.

Rethinking learning through play examines various theories and approaches to play, and explores a range of strategies and techniques to integrate play successfully in the learning environment and daily programme. With its strong theoretical founda­tion, it explains in practical terms what and how children learn through play, and how to support learning through play in different contexts.

Contents include the following:

·                     Facilitating development and learning through sensory play

·                     Inquiry-based learning through play

·                     Learning about “myself” and “others” as citizens through play

·                     Preparing children for life through play

·                     Creating learning environments that promote play

·                     Play and indigenous knowledge

·                     Play in the daily programme

·                     Learning about language, mathematics and technology through play

·                     Learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through play

·                     Movement and playful learning

·                     Re-imagining music experiences in early childhood

·                     Using art to learn through play

·                     Using toy libraries to enhance play-based learning

Rethinking learning through play is aimed at pre-service teachers as well as those who are already working in the field and who value the development and optimal learning of young children.

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