Reflections of South African Student Leaders 1994 to 2017


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Product Description

Reflections of South African Student Leaders 1994-2017 brings together the reflections of twelve former SRC leaders from across the landscape of South African universities. Each student leader’s reflections are presented in a dedicated chapter that draws closely on an interview conducted in the course of 2018/19 which was followed by an interactive process of co-editing, correcting, and approving the chapter between the researchers and the student leaders.

Key topics covered in the chapters are:

  • Personal background and context of getting involved in student leadership
  • Role as member of the SRC and the role of the SRC in the university
  • Support received from the university and student affairs
  • Student governance model, SRC electoral system, and induction
  • The involvement of partisan student organisations and political parties in the SRC
  • Relationship with the student body, communication, conscientisation and mobilisation
  • Student representation in university governance structures (‘co-operative governance’)
  • Main challenges, student issues and demands
  • Strategies and tactics of student politics, representation and activism
  • Reflections on the 2015/16 student movement: #RhodesMustFall, #FeesMustFall, #EndOutsourcing, etc.
  • Lessons for current and future student leaders
  • The biographical impact of the student leadership experience