Random Kak I remember about growing up in South Africa


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Random Kak I remember about growing up in South Africa by Trevor Romain is a foefie slide straight back to your youth in South Africa. Remember? When you wore bell bottoms and wound up cassette tapes with a Bic pen. When ‘The World at War’ was on TV and LM Radio played on the radiogram, and when there were call-up papers in the mailbox and 2 c stamps on letters. VW Beetles were everywhere, the Bay City Rollers were it, and the smell of Wintergreen filled the change rooms. On these pages, hundreds of the little things that made up the world for many in the 70s and 80s come to life in Trevor Romain’s whimsical drawings and laugh-out-loud commentary.


‘It’s not inside, it’s on top!’ – or is it? In this book it’s all inside. Enjoy the ride.


Trevor Romain, a best-selling author and illustrator of children’s books, was born in Johannesburg and now lives in Texas. Trevor can never remember to take out the rubbish, do the dishes or sweep the garage, but for some strange reason he does remember a whole bunch of random kak about growing up in South Africa.