Quantitative Methods for Business Research: Using Microsoft® Excel® (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card), 1st Edition


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You don’t need to be a mathematician to be able to use statistics effectively… Lots of business students worry that quantitative methods is all about mathematics and statistics, capable of being utilized by a chosen few. Quantitative Methods for Business Research Using Microsoft Excel is here to show you that all students can use quantitative methods successfully as part of research. This book and its online resources approach quantitative methods with the assumption that applying the powerful statistical tools available in Excel doesn’t require any special competence in mathematics or statistics. It’s all about knowing which tools to use and how to use them, not what makes them work (the mathematicians did that behind the scenes and we all thank them). This book aims to promote two things: the conviction that quants is well within your capabilities; and an enduring interest in the subject that will carry you on beyond the ambition and scope of this work.