Public Relations – Theory and Practice


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Public Relations: Theory & Practice is an exciting new approach to PR in southern Africa. Since the global economic crisis of 2008, Public Relations has become increasingly important in establishing, protecting and saving the reputations of companies. Large companies especially have realised the value and importance of PR. The book focuses on a number of topics: •Defining Public Relations •The difference between PR, Marketing, Advertising and Branding •The PR process •Research in PR •PR and the media •Reputation management •Corporate social responsibility in PR. It addresses a number of new, crucial aspects and issues, which have become highly relevant to PR today, such as Online PR, Reputation Management, Strategic Management and Crisis Management. These topics are important to students and practitioners alike as they battle with the trends and developments in this field. Case studies at the end of each chapter show the practical use of the theoretical principles and make the theory more understandable and applicable. This text is a must for academia and practitioners wanting a clear, easy-to-read Public Relations text that explains the various principles and processes associated with image that companies face.