Project management for the service sector


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Van Schaik


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Product Description

Project management competencies are emerging as a key requirement in organisations. Yet, despite the fact that the service sector constitutes over 63 per cent of the global economy, there are few books to guide the delivery of service sector projects. Project management for the service sector is therefore designed to fulfil the needs of students and operators in the service sector, who often have had to resort to texts dealing with engineering and construction.

Project management for the service sector explains project management concepts and paradigms in language that is clear and easy to understand. With emphasis on the African context, it provides in-depth coverage of every aspect of the subject through practical examples, illustrations and case studies.

Contents include the following:

  • Planning for service sector projects
  • Project management paradigms and methodologies
  • Managing project parameters
  • Implementing service sector projects
  • Project cost management
  • Project procurement management
  • Governance and leadership in projects
  • Financing projects
  • Disaster risk management in projects
  • Project closure
  • The future of service sector projects in Africa

Project management for the service sector is aimed at students as well as those already employed in the service sector.