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A productive writer writes regularly, produces goal-directed written work and enjoys the process. Productive writing addresses the problem of why some people publish with ease and others struggle, and seeks to take the non-productive writer and turn him or her into a prolific one.

Important themes in the book are dealing with writer?s block, procrastination and making time to write. An array of explanations, research and activities is presented to encourage exploring, thinking, speculating, testing, documenting, questioning and developing authority. Crafting the document itself is just one part of the writing spectrum.

The increasing focus on research and publishing at universities and universities of technology makes this book an important contribution to the available literature on research. Addressing throughput for postgraduate students and output for academic staff, the book is aimed at both these categories.

Productive writing complements two earlier research books by Cecile Badenhorst, Research writing and Dissertation writing, and focuses on important aspects of research that are not covered in those books.

Cecile Badenhorst is a research fellow at the School of Public and Development Management at the University of the Witwatersrand. For many years she ran the PhD programme and taught courses such as Qualitative Research Methodology and Research Report Writing. She holds a PhD in Geography from Queen?s University, Kingston, Ontario; a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Education from Wits; and a Certificate in Qualitative Research from the University of Georgia, United States. She has published articles in peer-reviewed accredited journals, as well as works of fiction and various non-fiction publications for children.

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