Principles of Marketing 19th Edition

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Principles of Marketing, 19th edition has been extensively revised to present the fundamentals of marketing within an innovative customer-value framework. Reach every student with the MyLab & Revel editions for this text.



Hallmark features of this title

A series of features that guarantee to keep your students engaged.

  • A 5-step customer engagement framework explores how marketing creates customer value, covering brand conversations, experiences, advocacy and community.
  • A sample marketing plan shows students how to apply important marketing planning concepts.
  • Traditional AND fast-changing, trending topics give your students a well-rounded knowledge of marketing concepts, technologies and practices.
  • Real Marketing highlights give fresh insight into real marketing practices from Amazon, LinkedIn, Apple and Walmart.
  • Chapter Openers preview chapter contents and learning objectives, and include engaging stories to spark student interest.
  • End-of-Chapter Reviews, Discussion Questions and Critical-Thinking Exercises allow your students practice what they have learned.


New to this Edition


New and updated features of this title

Allows your students to expand their knowledge according to the most recent advancements in the field.

  • New content coverage reflects how companies are dealing with recent major disruptions in the marketing environment. This includes the effects of large economic swings, extreme environmental patterns, social and political turmoil, and COVID-19.
  • New and updated content explores explosive new developments in marketing technologies. Content includes digital, online, mobile, and social media engagement technologies (Chs. 1, 4, 15, 17), AI (Chs. 1, 3, 4, 17) and “big data,” new marketing analytics, the internet of things, shift to omni-channel and digital marketing (Chs. 13, 17) and marketing in the metaverse (Chs. 7, 17).
  • Significantly restructured material on global and sustainable marketing examines new organising frameworks, concepts and examples (Chs. 19, 20).

Company cases and examples demonstrate highlights and applications.

  • 20 new end-of-chapter Company Cases facilitate discussion of current issues and application of marketing concepts to company situations.
  • Fresh content now represents diversity, equity, and inclusion in topics, examples and illustrations, so students see how marketers are applying these values in their strategies and actions.
  • New brand stories, highlights, and in-text examples illustrate recent real-world brand strategies and contemporary marketing issues.

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