Principles and Practices of Forensic Psychology & Other Related Professions


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Principles and Practices of Forensic Psychology & Other Related Professions explores the intersection between psychology, other mental health professions and the law in South Africa and Namibia.

The book fills a gap because limited literature is available to provide guidelines for mental health professionals for forensic work in these regions.

The aim is to clarify what is relevant to the court regarding the evaluation of a subject, be it an accused in a criminal case, a child in a care or guardianship dispute, or a person who is no longer competent to manage their own affairs. The book emphasises the importance of the mental health professional’s role as an expert witness who should provide information beyond the ordinary to enable the court to reach a fair verdict.

Written by experts from different fields, Principles and Practices of Forensic Psychology & Other Related Professions equips readers with guiding principles – anchored in relevant laws, rules and ethical precepts – to conduct sound assessments and effectively communicate findings to relevant stakeholders.

Students in psychology, social work and other mental health subjects, as well as law students, will find this book an invaluable resource. It is comprehensive and can be prescribed in educational institutions offering courses in forensic psychology. Qualified professionals in this field will benefit from this book.