Practising Learning and Development in South African Organisations 4e

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Practising Learning and Development in South African Organisations 4e offers an outcomes-based, occupation-directed and work-based L&D approach to workplace learning design. Integrating theoretical and practical perspectives, this book gives a comprehensive overview of the National Skills Development Framework. It further presents a new chapter on online learning design which caters to the needs of a digital society.

Key Benefits:

  • An updated overview of skills development legislation and the implications for workplace learning design, delivery, assessment, evaluation and quality assurance in the South African context
  • Insight into the psychology of adult learning, motivation and performance
  • Guides students and L&D professionals through the classical Dynamic Learning Cycle
  • Practical guidelines for both modern online learning design and outcomes and work-based learning design, delivery, assessment and evaluation
  • Explores the dynamics and methods of effective learning and development needs analysis, and how a needs analysis informs the workplace skills plan
  • Explores L&D management from an HRD strategic and value-adding perspective
  • Guides L&D professionals regarding the profession, ethical standards and values, and their continued professional development


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