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Available for the first time in a South African edition, Earl Babbie’s popular The Practice of Social Research is the essential source for research theory and methods. The main methodological approaches used in the social sciences are comprehensively covered. Specific methods and techniques used in such areas as sampling, questionnaire construction, and data analysis are discussed in detail. The informal style, concrete examples, and down-to-earth metaphors make abstract theory easily understandable. A balanced coverage of qualitative approaches helps the user employ both techniques in his or her research. The South African edition, adapted by Johann Mouton, includes several key extras: South African examples, case studies, and data sets enhance
accessibility and relevance for local students. The chapters on qualitative research have been expanded and updated, and a new chapter discusses computer software for qualitative data analysis. An expanded chapter on programme evaluati on research addresses the huge demand for monitoring and assessment of social intervention programmes such as poverty relief, land reform, and educational programmes. An additional chapter discusses the politics and ethics of social research in the South African context.