Pharmacology in Clinical Practice 3rd Edition

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Now in its third edition, Pharmacology in Clinical Practice has been updated to ensure it remains up-to-date and relevant.

Updates include:

  • A colour plate to illustrate the links between pharmacology and physiology
  • Additional information on side-effects, contra-indications and patient education for groups of drugs
  • A guide on how to access this information, to assist with exam preparation and nursing practice
  • An updated chapter on nursing management of drug preparations and treatment
  • An updated chapter on clinical applications
  • A chapter on the legal framework for dispensing and prescribing.

Particular care has been taken to simplify and clarify difficult concepts by explaining the links between pharmacology and physiology, by providing definitions of new concepts, and using plain language for ease of understanding. Fundamental concepts, such as pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, are well covered in a manner that is accessible and clear. Individual chapters cover the various systems of the body.

The principal author and editor, Gustav Schellack (BCur, Adv Univ Dipl Nurs Sc, Hons BSc (Pharmacology), is a former lecturer of Pharmacology and now works within the pharmaceutical industry.

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