Personal Selling 5th Edition


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The pandemic that hit the world in 2020 has brought about many changes around the world. This has led to numerous changes in the world of business and new trends have emerged in the world of sales. Artificial intelligence became more prominent, the impact of videos increased and automation of sales processes became the order of the day.


One of the more noticeable sales trends that emerged in the past years is creativity. The business world changed and salespeople had to work harder to meet targets. This also led to more intense competition, which in turn, resulted in more innovative ways of doing business. Salespeople were forced to work smarter and not harder during these trying times. One of the cyber-age strategies focused on was the use of the Internet to drive sales. This, however, quickly became annoying to customers. To prevent this type of strategy from becoming an also-ran, it needs to be adjusted and adapted to be one step ahead. Creativity is called for in sales – not silliness!


It is clear that customer expectations of personal selling are constantly changing and that businesses must adapt to these changes. The days are gone where a business can tell customers what they want to hear; or will close a deal fast; or talk a lot to influence customers. Customers expect businesses to change the way they approach them.


In this edition of Personal Selling, the authors outline the key steps in the selling process that lead to a successful sale, from prospecting for a sale to the follow-up once the sale has been completed. In addition, it explains the role and place of personal selling, the impact it has on the economy and how it ties in with and supports marketing. The importance of communication in the act of selling, as well as different approaches and sales presentation methods, are explained and clarified, and a comprehensive discussion on how salespeople should manage themselves and their time is included.