Pathways across Cultures: Intercultural Communication in SA

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Pathways across Cultures: Intercultural Communication in South Africa is a uniquely South African communication textbook. Local examples of communication methods from a wide range of cultural groups are used to explain theories of communication and complex intercultural concepts. It covers some of the rich cultural histories of the rainbow nation, such as Khoisan cave drawings, highlighting the intercultural communication styles of the early peoples who lived in South Africa. The book also includes critical commentary on western theories and approaches to studying intercultural communication.

With a view to decolonising how intercultural communication is taught in South Africa, where possible the chapters in this book have been co-authored with emerging scholars. This approach provided mentoring opportunities for emerging scholars to develop case studies. As a result, this book has a wide-ranging perspective on intercultural communication that is representative of South Africa’s own cultural diversity.

Key Features

  • Each chapter contains a set of learning outcomes, identifies key concepts and poses questions that review the content covered.
  • Many of the chapters include illustrations, figures, pictures and tables as well as case studies.
  • Online material is available for students and lecturers, providing a comprehensive teaching and learning approach.

About the Editors

Professor Milagros Rivera-Sánchez is a Research Fellow at the University of the Free State. She has taught on four continents and is deeply interested in the role that mindfulness plays in facilitating communication encounters.

Rentia du Plessis is a lecturer in Communication Science at the University of the Free State. She has taught intercultural communication to diverse students who have, in turn, taught her about the rich cultural diversity within South Africa.

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