Organizational Change


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Product Description

This very successful textbook explores change and how it relates to the complexities of organizational life, and puts an emphasis on applying the theory to practice. Now significantly updated and in its 5th edition, Organizational Change reflects a rapidly changing world and considers ‘how change has changed’.

The book is structured in three parts. The first part considers the causes and nature of change. Part two opens up the organization to expand on issues of structuring for change, the cultural and political contexts for change and how to lead change. Part three moves firmly into addressing the more practical considerations of designing, planning and implementing change.

Ideal for both MBA students and those studying specialist courses in Organizational Development and Change, the clear structure and content of this text also make it accessible to final year undergraduate students.

Key features

Offers comprehensive coverage of the significant ideas and issues associated with change at all levels of organizational activity, from the strategic to the operational, and at the individual, group, organizational and societal levels.

Takes a conceptual and analytical approach to the way that theory and research relate to organizations, and how change is explored.

Includes practical elements and worked examples of different approaches to ‘doing’ change.

Provides illustrations of practical change situations in each chapter.

Invites readers to undertake challenging activities to encourage the application of ideas and learning from the text to personal experience.

Provides end-of-chapter cases, additional reading and suggested websites for readers wishing to pursue ideas and issues further.