New Approach to Professional Practice 2nd Edition

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Nurses are faced with questions related to professional practice and what they may or may not do on a daily basis. Nurses also need to deal with the many conflicting demands made by patients, colleagues and hospital management. The ‘new approach’ adopted in this book offers insight into the dilemmas faced by the 21st century nurse. The professional practice issues are addressed in the form of case studies, using real-life examples that put the problems into context. This approach also offers a broad view of the nursing profession, taking into account macro-environmental influences, as well as the new technologies impacting on the profession.

A New Approach to Professional Practice explains the legal, professional and ethical framework within which the nurse must practise. The text also touches on the professional heritage and explains the rights of the patient and the rights and responsibilities of the nurse. Subjects such as modern-day challenges, legal and ethical questions, accountability, duty to care, responsibility, and maintenance of standards are also addressed.

Key Features

Explains legal, ethical and professional frameworks within which nurses practise

Written in clear, accessible language

Includes rights and responsibilities of nurses

Offers insight into dilemmas faced by 21st century nurse

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