Mzansinomics: Understanding the basics of the South African Economy

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What causes economic growth? What determines the price of umqombothi? Why is Eskom a monopoly? Are cryptocurrencies a form of money? Why is South Africa so unequal?

Mzansinomics: Understanding the basics of the South African economy introduces economics to a South African audience. It explains the key economic concepts and issues in the news every day – markets, inflation, budget deficits, collusion, inequality, economic growth – in a straightforward, practical and non-technical way. A question-and-answer format, with many examples and updated statistics, exposes South Africa’s unique economic challenges and opportunities.

The book is useful as a quick reference for seasoned industry professionals, as a text for students who want to obtain a basic understanding of economics without enrolling for a formal mainstream course, and as a resource for those interested in the structure and development of the South African economy.

Mzansinomics is the product of two passionate South African economists, Johan Fourie, professor of Economics at Stellenbosch University and Philip Mohr, who was professor of Economics at the University of South Africa for over two decades.

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