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Most policies and practices of teacher training and the curriculum in South Africa and other African countries are designed for monograde schools and classes. However, many schools in the region are multigrade, the majority of which are severely under-resourced.

Teaching in a multigrade setting requires specific skills in innovation, creativity, planning and adaptability. A multigrade classroom can be an exciting and fruitful learning environment if teachers master these multigrade teaching skills. Multigrade teaching: Approaches and perspectives for teachers aims to assist student teachers and in-service teachers to adapt their teaching approaches to accommodate different learners and to meet the challenges of the multigrade classroom.

Multigrade teaching: Approaches and perspectives for teachers is written in a clear style and contains many examples and tips. It discusses the theoretical and global underpinnings of multigrade teaching and ways in which the curriculum and teaching practices can be adapted. It also guides readers on assessment, learner support and integration. A chapter on information and communications technology (ICT) offers handy advice on using technology purposefully in multigrade settings.

Multigrade teaching: Approaches and perspectives for teachers is aimed at both student teachers and in-service teachers.

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