Mbonyolosi: Manwalwa a Litheretsha Na Thyiori


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Mbonyolosi, meaning ‘eye-opener’, provides an easy way to understand Tshivenda literature. This title contains the theoretical background of literature and literary approaches in Tshivenda. The focus is on the analysis of different genres, and each genre – novels, short stories and essays – is discussed in detail so that the reader gains a better understanding of literature from a theoretical and literary perspective. Each genre is discussed in depth according to subtypes. In drama different mediums, such as radio, television and stage, are dsicussed in terms of how they should be approached as regards conflict and characterisation. Similarly, poetry is divided into traditional and modern poems. The title concludes with an overview of different literary theories. Examples from a variety of Tshivenda literary texts are used to illustrate and emphasis the theoretical arguments and literary approaches pertaining to all the genres discussed.