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A companion text to Juta’s Manual of Nursing Volume 1: Fundamental and General Nursing, or Juta’s Complete Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing.]

Suitable for use in the Staff Nurse, Professional Nurse and Midwifery or Nursing Auxiliary courses, Juta’s Manual of Nursing Volume 2: The Practical Manual is the ‘how to’ book in the Juta Nursing range of books. Written in a clear and logical style, nursing procedures are explained in a step-by-step manner to help the student develop competencies to provide quality nursing care. Rationales for actions are always given, so that the student understands the reasons behind specific activities.

Each nursing procedure has the following features:

  • Explanation of the procedure
  • Learning outcomes
  • Learning assumed to be in place
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Resources required
  • Specific guidelines for the particular procedure
  • Essential patient teaching
  • Critical assessment criteria
  • Tips for nurses and/or precautions

Now in its second edition, additional procedures have been added and where appropriate, the latest evidence-based information added.  Care has been taken to explain the integration with related aspects of the nursing curricula.

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