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Managing Sport Facilities, Fourth Edition With Web Study Guide, merges the historical and theoretical foundations of the sport facility industry with real-world challenges and insights to create an engaging, modern guide for effective sport facility management. This updated edition provides a comprehensive knowledge base for the wide-ranging duties of sport facility managers and prepares students to enter the field ready to confront the responsibilities they will face on the job. Joining field expert Gil Fried for this fourth edition is Matthew Kastel, a practicing stadium manager with over 25 years of experience.

Together, the authors blend extensive research and insights from the professional industry with everyday occurrences at sport facilities. With an increased focus on in-depth, real-world examples of issues facing facility managers today, this edition takes a detailed look at different types of facilities, including stadiums, arenas, fitness centers, parks, and multiuse facilities, and it addresses the various challenges that each presents. Contributions from industry professionals provide an inside look at their facility’s unique issues and concerns, from systems and operations to maintenance and green practices.

To emphasize practical applications of the content, a new web study guide includes seven Day in the Life videos that follow the daily routine of a facility executive and offer students an inside look at real-life facility management. Additional tools further enhance learning and are accompanied by activities and assignments that guide students in applying the concepts: Video clips of interviews with industry professionals provide multifaceted career insights and advice. Gil’s Sportsplex, an in-depth sport facility case study, covers strategic planning, construction, financial analysis, and more.

Sample blueprints highlight the construction and anatomy of a sport facility. A list of Internet resources for each chapter encourages further learning. Also new to this edition is a chapter on midevent management, which covers strategies for managers to use during events as issues arrive so they are prepared for all phases of a facility event.

Throughout the book, examples capture the essence of being a facility manager. Opening chapter scenarios introduce industry executives and show how the material applies to daily activities. Facility Focus sidebars provide facts about facilities and strategies for facility success, while Behind the Scenes sections present unique concerns and strategies to make facility managers more successful professionals.

Students will develop practical knowledge, which will prepare them to make decisions in all areas of facility management, including building design and construction, operations, marketing, legal issues, finance, and event management. Managing Sport Facilities, Fourth Edition, teaches the foundational and application skills necessary for facility managers to respond effectively to new challenges. It is an essential resource for guiding students to success in a sport facility management career.

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