Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain, Global Edition


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For courses in Quality Management.


Navigating Quality Management With A Unifying Framework

Foster’s Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain, Sixth Edition offers students a thorough introduction to quality management by presenting a supply chain theme as the unifying framework for quality improvement. The supply chain thread enhances the integration of systems with customers, suppliers, technology, and people. The colorful, stunning text appeals to visual learners and grabs students’ attention at the outset.


The Sixth Edition elicits a theme of “currency” while offering updated vignettes and references to remain state-of-the-art. The new edition is selectively edited and enhanced with new content that maintains its scope and withstands pivotal points in each section. Managing Quality keeps a competitive advantage by sustaining and building on cutting ­edge, relevant topics in quality management.


Managing Quality offers the following features to facilitate learning:


References Reflect State-of-the-Art Research

UPDATED! The Acceptance Sampling Supplement in Chapter 9 provides coverage of important quality management tools.

NEW! Coverage of process chain network (PCN) diagramming offers a little-known tool that provides an excellent method to redesign service processes.

NEW! The primary theme in the text is “currency,” featuring updated vignettes and references to maintain the book’s competitive advantage.

UPDATED! References reflect the state of the art in research.

NEW! Text includes the ISO 9000:2015 standard and the most recent Baldrige criteria available.

UPDATED! Excel templates allow students to explore and better understand important quantitative concepts.


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