Management and Cost Accounting in South Africa 1st Edition + Student Manual (Bundle Pack)-Drury

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Textbook + Solutions Manual Bundle Pack

For forty years, Colin Drury’s Management and Cost Accounting has successfully helped students master the key concepts and processes of management and cost accounting. The South African edition of this very popular text has been written specifically with the needs of South African students in mind, ensuring that they have a solid base and good understanding of accounting principles, before progressing to any new content. With a clear and accessible style, which incorporates additional notes and explanations, it covers everything students need to know for their management accounting career and exams, including many South African as well as international real-world examples. It features a balanced range of review problems from accounting examination bodies, including CIMA, ACCA and SAICA. This edition also includes introductions to emerging new technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things and AI.

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