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The focus of Management 5th edition is to establish the vital competencies of communication; planning and financial management; teamwork; strategic action; global awareness; and emotional intelligence as a necessity to the foundation of management practice. The text prepares students for the workplace within the field of management using practical examples and experiential exercises so that they can apply this knowledge. Management 5e is an introductory text written for students who are studying general management as part of an undergraduate course, either at a university or a university of technology.

The fifth edition of Management includes:
– A chapter opening case study to familiarize students with the theoretical concepts covered in the
particular chapter as well as indicating how these concepts apply in the business world.
– Managerial competency features and competency development exercises to prepare students for advancing in their management studies and to prep are them for the workplace within this field.
– Contemporary management in practice and South African insight features that offer practical examples and experiential exercises to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge.
– Discussion questions at the end of each chapter to test students understanding of the content covered.