Manage your money – basic financial life skills for South Africans 2nd Edition


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Basic financial knowledge is one of the most important educational and training needs in South Africa. Thousands of people enter the working world without this knowledge. Training in personal financial management is essential in order to successfully secure employment or start a business, and to be financially independent upon retirement. Financial skills are the best skills you can acquire, since you will be able to use them to your benefit throughout your life.

Manage your money teaches you to plan your finances, change your financial situation for the better and become financially independent. Empower yourself financially by learning to draw up a budget use debt wisely and escape debt borrow money from a micro-lender provide for your family buy your own car and home make good investments protect yourself and your assets plan your retirement wisely protect your job and start your own business use a bank’s services and products create a positive financial future.

This book helps you set personal goals and gain the necessary self-confidence for successful personal financial planning and management.